“This workshop was an amazing experience! Powerful techniques, wise and gentle facilitation, a warm and supportive space to write and share. Far exceeded my expectations!”
Meg Tennant, Singer/Songwriter

“What a gift and pleasure to receive the wisdom Corry shared. She created a beautiful space to help women express themselves. This is a woman who is completely aligned with her passion. Any opportunity to work with her should be considered.”
Trish Ellis, Life Coach

“I loved the different techniques to springboard my writing. I had never written before, and because of this workshop I discovered the writer within me.”
Kate Carr, Artist

“I attended Corry Chaplin’s Wild Words Workshop, as well as a creative writing workshop she designed for visual artists. Corry is absolutely wonderful! She’s a great instructor and her workshops are excellent, well-organized, and adaptable to the needs of each group.  She provides a warm, safe environment for participants to share their work, if they so choose.  She shows an amazing sensitivity to each and every individual in her workshops.  The creative writing exercises are varied, effective, and well supported with such things as music, visualizations and objects that appeal to the senses.  The freshest, most vibrant works of prose I have ever written are thanks to Corry and her workshops.”
Susan Campbell, Consultant, Artist-printmaker, Writer

“After 15 years of journal writing, mixed with some freelance writing, I found my greatest stumbling block to be the blank page of my notebook. Wild Words Workshop proved to be the inspirational catalyst I needed. The exercises led me down imaginative paths, helping me unlock concealed doors of creative energy.”
Kirk Balfour, Family Therapist

“I’ve written in many groups settings with Corry. Her workshops are based on what she’s learned from her own personal experience with spontaneous writing as well as expertise gained from specialized training in journal writing and facilitation. Corry is a superb writer who is dedicated to the process of spontaneous writing and to sharing this invaluable tool with others.”
Donna Burks, Poet

“Corry is a warm and empathetic facilitator. She has immense experience and a wealth of knowledge.”
Terry Leinemann, Medical Transcriptionist


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