Something Wonderful is About to Happen

Something Wonderful is About to Happen

A few years ago, I was hired on contract to work at a law firm in a towering office building downtown. Each day, I waited at the bus stop in the predawn darkness and misty morning chill. When the bus arrived, I would shuffle past the seats filled with groggy office workers gazing at glowing hand-held devices or staring out the rumbling window at the blackness beyond.

One morning, I slid into a vacant seat next to a window at the back. As I settled into my seat I glanced up to see a note neatly written on a small square of yellow paper taped to the back of the seat in front of me. It said: Something wonderful is about to happen.

I felt a skip of expectancy as I read those words and a glimmer of the child within squirmed with anticipation at the promise of grand adventures and unbridled play. I glanced at the other passengers around me. They still looked sleepy and bored, noticing nothing. Yet, I felt as though some mysterious stranger had just handed me a delicious secret in the form of these 6 simple words:

Something wonderful is about to happen.

I carried that sense of expectancy with me all day, like a precious box filled with treasure and magic and light. Nothing extraordinary happened, but the swell of potential made my eyes shine and my interactions with others more joyful, authentic, filled with ease.


 Something Wonderful is about to happen.

I try to remember these words when the weariness of life takes hold and unwelcome patterns taint my thoughts and deeds.

5169114_sYet, if I were to gaze clearly upon each passing day, I would discover that Something Wonderful has indeed come to pass, whether I was aware of it or not. Small kindnesses, quiet beauty, simple truths. Something Wonderful exists not only in the wild pulse of potential, but gently, in the silent happenings tucked within the folds of the everyday.

The reality is, we must allow ourselves to be consumed by the messiness of life in order to then rise above it. Some days, however, the best we can do is remain fully immersed, while hoping to witness Something Wonderful unfolding before us like tiny beams of passing light.

Universal Promise: You can be angry, resentful, scared, but I shall continue to send you a steady stream of Something Wonderful, regardless of whether you think yourselves worthy; regardless of what you’ve done, or have not done. I shall continue to send you Something Wonderful no matter what.

Do you know that for some, Something Wonderful is simply to have someone in their life who cares? For others, Something Wonderful is the opportunity to look deeply, one last time, into the eyes of someone they’ve lost and say: “I love you. Even when I didn’t show it, I have always loved you.”

Something Wonderful exists in the things we take for granted each day, and the people we care about most.

Conflict and perceived difficulties are a gift. And if you find yourself continually walking away from the opportunity to fully know yourself and others by working to resolve conflict, you are walking away from the promise of Something Wonderful. The invitation to share and connect with another, difficult as it may seem, is the greatest gift we can receive on this human journey.

A friend of mine once told me that a question she often asks herself is: What would love do? The simple act of asking this question softens the heart and invites the forces of grace to enter. This is no small happening, for this silent force has the power to change your life.

So, if you find yourself stuck in anger and resentment, wanting to walk away from a person or difficult situation, ask yourself: What would love do?

Without question, Love would challenge you to share openly, listen fully, say I’m sorry. Love would remind you to show appreciation for the qualities you admire in the other, and to try and accept those you don’t. Love would yield, always, to the power of kindness and right action, toward yourself and others.

3024445_sFar from being some romantic ideal, the path of Love is not always easy. For this reason, Love will gently remind us to forgive ourselves and others for having gone astray.

Being deeply immersed in the muck of life while remembering we can choose to see things differently is Something Wonderful. To ask ourselves over and over again: What would love do? What would love do? What would love do? And to have the courage to take small, quiet actions that will incite positive and lasting change.

Something wonderful is happening all the time; right here and now. It is in the silent bows of gratitude for one more day. In the sweet slope of surrender, the steady chime of truth. It is in hearts that swing open and eyes that soften and sway. Can you feel the energy of Something Wonderful swirling around and within you? Can you see the glowing beacons that gently light your way?

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