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Writing can be a sacred act, and the desire to tell our stories reflects a deeper desire to connect with the very pulse of life.¬†Yet, desire is often not enough. For many, facing the blank page can be a daunting experience. When words don’t appear, budding storytellers and those with a need to express themselves through the written word give up, thinking they have nothing to say. This is not the case. Often there is too much to say, too many words and images waiting to be explored. The remedy is simply a matter of affirming the importance of your unique voice, and allowing it the space to be heard.

Accessing this place of story requires an intentional shift from the barrage of stimuli we experience in the course of a day, to that deeper, wider place which exists within. Freedom, compassion and self-acceptance become the rule here, for without them there can be no true exploration or expression.

This is the place of mystery, and when we enter the realm of story, we are opening up to the mysterious wonder of creation. As writers, we become pilgrims tromping through the wild terrain of the deep subconscious, and the beautiful intricacy of soul. Something magical happens when a group of people gather to write. We come together to honour the act of storytelling, and in so doing we might just discover the essence of life.


Instructor, Corry Chaplin, is a writer and former magazine publisher. She has professional training as a journalist, a Provincial Instructor Diploma in teaching adults, and specialized training in writing workshop facilitation. A graduate of the Centre for Journal Therapy, she has taught writing workshops for the past 15 years to such diverse groups as writers, artists, caregivers, and women in alcohol and drug recovery. She has recently completed an advanced group facilitation, story council, and nature immersion training, and is currently writing a book about the power of story.

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STORY-MAKER SERIES (Feb 4, 18 & March 4, 18, 2017)